Why Fire Chuck Pagano?

I don’t do as much writing here as I should. I also try not to do editorials about anything because I don’t believe I have earned that right. What makes my opinion more relevant than that of anyone else?

I was asked if there is an article on the way regarding Chuck Pagano and if he should be fired by the Indianapolis Colts. So, someone, somewhere gives slight relevance to my opinion. I also love writing, so here we go.

The Colts should not fire Chuck Pagano. Yet.

That first sentence reads #ChuckStay. I tried to get #ChuckStayAway to become a thing a few years ago and it failed. Much like this Colts season.

The Colts are 3–7 going into their Week 11 bye. The Colts record hasn’t looked this bad since 2011. The Curtis Painter era. The Colts have already won more games than they did in 2011, where they finished 2–14.

After that season, the Colts released Peyton Manning. They fired the Polian family, and Jim Caldwell.

We know what happened after that, so I won’t remind you.

The problem the Colts have begins with their culture. My colleague (yes, I’m name dropping), Gregg Doyel has indirectly pointed this out when he called out T.Y. Hilton a few weeks ago. The Colts, without Andrew Luck, have no leader in the locker room. When Robert Mathis left the locker room, so did any leadership not named Andrew Luck.

There is not a coach in the NFL that will come in at Week 11 and turn this ship around. Current coordinators with the Colts included. Two or three weeks ago? Maybe. This is where we are at.

Issue number two with this season is players. Lack of a certain kind of player.

Yesterday, one of the NFL’s top receivers, Antonio Brown, was held to three catches for 47 yards. 32 of those yards came on a play with 45 seconds left to play. It set up the game-winning field goal for the Steelers. Brown made a play when a play needed to be made.

The Colts have blown five fourth quarter leads. FIVE. They’ve been held scoreless in the final quarter four times.

Who is that go-to guy for the Colts.?Who is that guy, when they’ve had a quiet game, they come up big for the Colts in crunch time? I’ll wait.

Yeah, we don’t have him. If you said Hilton, go ahead and click out of this. There is no convincing you.

There is a small advantage to keeping Chuck Pagano until the end of the season. That (like I said,) small advantage comes on April 2. Clubs that hired a new Head Coach after the end of the 2017 regular season may begin offseason workout programs.

That date changes to April 16 if we bring in a coach during this season. Does that extra two weeks mean anything? Hell if I know, but it’s something.

Again, what is firing Pagano going to do right now?

The Colts aren’t going to win their finals six games in a row. They might win some of them, but not all of them. Unofficially, the Colts lost the playoffs when they lost to the Steelers.

It’s gonna take at least 10 wins to win the AFC South. If the Colts win out, that puts then at 9–7. Promoting a coordinator does not get us to 9–7. Nor does it change the culture of this team.

I’m all about firing Pagano. After this season. Then let’s bring in Gruden.

Spoiler Alert: Gruden isn’t going to be our next coach. (I hope I’m proven wrong).


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