Mike Writes Sport

Welcome to MikeWritesSport.com! I wasn’t intending for a European sounding name, this is an extension to the branding I have created on Twitter. The original name was going to be Mike Writes Sports, however the last “s” exceeds the Twitter character limit by one. Thus, Mike Writes Sport was born!

This website is created as a requirement in J-541 at IUPUI. However, I plan to use this website beyond this class.

You will see videos from my coverage of IHSAA football and basketball games. I also plan to begin covering college basketball whether through game stories or aggregating news from around the NCAA. IUPUI has an up-and-coming Women’s Basketball team and I plan on trying to cover them through game stories and interviews with players and coaches.

Although I don’t have the setup for it at this exact time, I plan on beginning a podcast in the near future and those will be posted here as well.

The posts below this are stories I’ve written on an old Medium page before deciding to build a website.

Why Fire Chuck Pagano?

I don’t do as much writing here as I should. I also try not to do editorials about anything because I don’t believe I have earned that right. What makes my opinion more relevant than that of anyone else?

I was asked if there is an article on the way regarding Chuck Pagano and if he should be fired by the Indianapolis Colts. So, someone, somewhere gives slight relevance to my opinion. I also love writing, so here we go.

The Colts should not fire Chuck Pagano. Yet.

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Previewing INDYCAR Grand Prix at the Glen

The Verizon IndyCar series has returned to Watkins Glen for a second consecutive year. This comes after a five-year hiatus where low attendance and disputes over sanctioning fees caused ISC to pull the race from the IndyCar schedule after a six-year stint that included the late Justin Wilson earning Dale Coyne his first victory in racing competition in 2009.

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It Was Another Boring Brickyard 400 Until It Wasn’t

It was set up to be another arguably boring NASCAR race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It was hot, it was humid, borderline miserable outside. The weather was so bad, it’s one of the reasons that the race was being moved to September. This was the last miserable hot Brickyard 400s.

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The DW12 is ugly, but does its job

Warning: There are two videos below that show the death of drivers. They are included for context, and are NOT set on autoplay.

With all the talk of Alonso versus Ed Jones for Rookie Of The Year, and a certain twitter post from a former Denver Post; let’s take a minute to fully appreciate something that happened over the past two weeks at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Two horrific crashes, and nobody died.

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James Davison: Why does that name sound familiar?

Photo from racing-reference.com

James Davison is a name that many Indy die-hards know, but aren’t quite sure why.

Davison’s name has been in the news recently as it was announced that he will replace Sebastien Bourdais following his horrific crash on the first day of Indianapolis 500 qualifying.

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Las Vegas Golden Knights set to enter league play. Here is how it affects the NHL.

The NHL recently released some information regarding the NHL Expansion Draft that is coming up on June 20. This is when the Las Vegas Golden Knights will begin to fill out their roster in preparation for entering the league for their first season.

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